Monday 12 September 2016

Getting started with sFlowTrend and sFlowTrend-Pro

To use sFlowTrend or sFlowTrend-Pro, first download the installation package. The installation package for sFlowTrend is available from If you have purchased a license, or requested an evaluation license for sFlowTrend-Pro, you can download the installation package from your account at under the Products > Download Software. Choose the correct installation package for the system that will run sFlowTrend or sFlowTrend-Pro:
  • For a Windows installation, use the Windows installation package unless you are running a 64-bit version of Windows with a 64-bit JRE installed, in which case use Windows 64-bit installation package. 
  • For a Linux installation,  select either the Linux installer download, which is a graphical and CLI installer, or install using an RPM or .deb file. If you choose the RPM or .deb option, and have a previous installation using the installer, uninstall the previous version before installing the RPM/.deb file. 
  • For an Apple Mac installation, use the .dmg installation package.
Make sure that you have Java 1.8 (or later) installed, then run the sFlowTrend or sFlowTrend-Pro installation package following the instructions.

Once you have installed sFlowTrend or sFlowTrend-Pro, open the GUI by pointing a web browser to http://[hostname]:8087/sflowtrend or https://[hostname]:8443/sflowtrend. You must now configure the license.

To use sFlowTrend-Pro, deselect "Use sFlowTrend (free)" and enter your license number from your account at

Note that normally sFlowTrend-Pro will use the Internet to download the license key, once the license number has been entered. If a proxy configuration is required for the server to connect to the Internet, please make sure that the proxy is correctly configured. On initial installation, until you configure the license you cannot use the rest of the product; this means that the proxy also cannot be configured. To work around this, if you have to configure a proxy, first select the option to use the free sFlowTrend license, then configure the proxy, and finally go back to the license dialog and enter your actual license number. If the system has no Internet connectivity at all, then the license key can be entered manually. You can request a manual license key using a support request from your account at

Now configure your switches to send sFlow to sFlowTrend-Pro. Another blog post will describe this in more detail. The Dashboard will show the incoming sampling rate and the status bar will indicate the number of switches and hosts being monitored. The troubleshooting section of the help includes some things to check if sFlow is not being received.