Tuesday 10 January 2017

Upgrading sFlowTrend

sFlowTrend will tell you when a new version is available, if it has internet access. You can also check using Configuration>Check for updates in the web client.

To upgrade sFlowTrend, you just need to install the new software on top of the old. There's no need to uninstall first, that is all taken care of by the installer. The one thing that is important to remember is to use the same version of installer as you did for the initial install:
  • If you used the 32-bit Windows installer, update using the 32-bit installer. Just run the new installer, and it will uninstall the old version and install the new one.
  • If you used the 64-bit Windows installer, update using the 64-bit installer. Again, just run the new installer.
  • If you used the interactive Linux installer, use this to upgrade, again by running the new installer.
  • If you used a Linux rpm package to install, then upgrade using the command
  • # rpm -Uvh sFlowTrend-linux-version.rpm
  • If you used a Linux deb package to install, then upgrade using the command
  • # dpkg -i sFlowTrend-linux-version.deb
If you want to change how sFlowTrend is installed (eg, from the Linux interactive installer to a package), then you must first uninstall sFlowTrend using the original method. This will not remove any configuration or data. Then install using the new method. If sFlowTrend was originally installed using the interactive installer, you can use the uninstall program located in the main installation directory to uninstall it.

The data and configuration should not be affected when upgrading, but you can of course back this up to be sure. The best way is to stop the sFlowTrend-Pro service, then just copy all of the contents of the sFlowTrend-Pro data directory (this is called the home directory in the user interface, you can see it using options dialog in the Java client or the system config dialog in the web client). Once you have copied it (or zipped or tared it up as appropriate), then restart the service.

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