Wednesday 31 August 2016

Comparing sFlowTrend and sFlowTrend-Pro

sFlowTrend is the free version of sFlowTrend-Pro. sFlowTrend is limited to analysing data from a maximum of five sFlow agents and stores one hour of data in memory. sFlowTrend-Pro does not limit the number of switches, routers, or hosts that can be monitored and stores data persistently to disk for a configurable period (default one week). sFlowTrend-Pro also supports navigation through and reporting over the whole history of data.

If you have already installed sFlowTrend and have purchased an sFlowTrend-Pro license, you can upgrade your installation by configuring your installation with your sFlowTrend-Pro license using the configuration menu.

Industry leading sFlow support
Supports sFlow from switches/routers/wifi, hosts and services
Real-time analysis and charts
Web client UI
REST API supported
Number of agents (switches, routers, hosts)5Unlimited
Data storageMemory (volatile)Disk (persistent)
Historical data1 hourConfigurable (default 7 days)
History reporting and navigation1 hourEntire duration of historical data
CostFreeLicense fee (annual or indefinite)
SupportCommunityCommercial included with license fee

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