Tuesday 9 August 2016


Welcome to the sFlowTrend blog.

The purpose of this blog is to provide tips for using sFlowTrend and sFlowTrend-Pro so that you get the most out of your sFlow® enabled switches, virtual switches, routers, and hosts.

The help is the definitive documentation for sFlowTrend and sFlowTrend-Pro. These blog posts are intended to address frequently ask questions and more detailed usage examples and case studies.

sFlowTrend and sFlowTrend-Pro are scalable, network and system performance analytics tools, built from the ground up to exploit the detailed data available from the popular sFlow® standard.

Both sFlowTrend and sFlowTrend-Pro identify who is using the network, for what purpose and how intensively. The web UI provides real-time, interactive charts and historical reports. In addition, sFlowTrend-Pro exposes a REST API for fully flexible data access and integration with other tools. This type of analytics is ideally suited to common management tasks such as diagnosing performance problems, identifying mis-use and abnormal traffic (eg security threats), understanding trends and accurately targeting upgrades, generating management reports.

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